2020 Zaikovsky "State Control" Systema Seminar , March 21 & 22

Vladimir Zaikovsky是西斯特瑪創始者Mikhail Ryabko的直傳弟子之一,也是目前西斯特瑪莫斯科總部的國際指導員中實力排行前三位高手的其中之一。這次俄羅斯武術西斯特瑪台北道場很幸運的又請到了他來台灣進行指導,相信能帶給我們更多有趣的東西。本次研習會的主題是:”State Control”,請同好們快將時間空出來,一起參與2020年台灣西斯特瑪Systema的最大盛事!!
Vladimir Zaikovsky is one of the direct instructed disciples of Systema founder- Mikhail Ryabko. He is also one of the top three  international instructors of Systema Moscow HQ. This time, the Russian martial Art Systema Taipei Dojo was fortunate to invite him to Taiwan for the  guidance of Systema.  The theme of this workshop is: "State Control", please make time for participating  the biggest event of Systema at Taiwan in 2020! !!
兩天共12小時之研習會,由西斯特瑪莫斯科總部的國際指導員Vladimir Zaikovsky擔任講師,名額有限,請千萬不要錯過這個機會。(研習會中Vladimir Zaikovsky將以英文進行解說,現場有中文翻譯)
The two-days workshop will be 12 hours in total. The number of places is limited. (Vladimir Zaikovsky will explain in English during the seminar, with Chinese translation on site)

研習會地點: Venue location will be informed after registration procedure

時間 (time):
3/21 1000-1030 報到 registration
        1030-1330 training
        1430-1730 training
        1030-1330 training
        1430-1730 training

報名費 price:
早鳥價:NTD7500  (early bird price til 2/7)
一般價:NTD8500 (ordinary price from 2/8)
單日價:NTD4500 (one day participation)
現場價兩天:NTD9000 (on-site participation two days)
現場價單日:NTD5000 (on-site participation one day)

報名請填寫下列資訊,詳細資訊將進一步以email通知。please fill in the list below to register the seminar, the detail of the seminar will be informed later by email: